Wedding in a Teacup

Wedding in a Teacup

Wedding in a Teacup home page

We have recently launched the website for Brighton’s brand new Wedding in a Teacup and it is already getting a lot of love from the wedding world.

The site is comprised of a full shopping cart with a Paypal gateway, a themed WordPress blog, a rolling slideshow on the homepage and various feedback forms dotted around the place allowing you to request stock notifications or share products with friends.

The product page has a nice image browser powered by AD gallery combined with a pop-up zoom using Fancybox.

We’ve also made use of one or two CSS3 techniques, such as box-shadow, and we’ve used a couple of web fonts. Two areas that are really helping to open up the possibilities in web design.

One more thing worth mentioning is the rotated images on the About and FAQ pages. These are uploaded to the CMS as regular images, then displayed at an angle using the jQuery rotate plugin. A very useful tool that I’m sure we will be making more use of in the future.

Overall, this was a fun site to build, and we’re very pleased with the results.

Design by James Morrisson
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Wedding in a Teacup gallery pageWedding in a Teacup product pageWedding in a Teacup info pageWedding in a Teacup contact page

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